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Insuring your home contents


If you are considering moving abroad then there are a number of websites which provide a wealth of information relating to your specific requirements

Whether you are moving to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, America or relocating closer to home within Europe then it is important you are aware of all the immigration requirements as well as have an understanding of the culture, economic and political stability of the country to which you are moving.

Additional important details about schooling, healthcare, housing and the labour market requirements can all be sourced from these sites.

Once you have determined your destination you will need to choose a remover to pack and ship your personal effects and household goods (see choosing a remover). Often your designated move manager from the moving company can add real value as they too, have a wealth of knowledge relating to the relocation procedures for your chosen country

Even if you are moving within the UK then again, it is important you have an understanding of the area to which you are moving including local schools, social and recreational clubs, churches, health centres and the crime rate amongst other key data.

Whether moving domestically within the UK or you are undertaking an international move there then is an abundance of information available to assist you with relocating or you can complete the form on our Contact Us   page with your questions.


Declaring the Value


You are not required to complete a detailed valued inventory but simply indicate one overall replacement value of all your Household Goods and Personal Effects being shipped or transported .


Motor Cars (applicable to overseas moves only)


Ordinarily, we do not cover motor vehicles in transit.


Excluded Items and Goods


As with most insurance policies there are exclusions and restrictions as to what goods we are able to insure.

This insurance does not extend to include items such as foodstuffs, alcohol, plants, perishable items, medicines, precious stones, money or securities for money, negotiable instruments, stamp or coin collections, jewellery, firearms or any goods confiscated by customs or government agencies if you are moving overseas.


Replacement Costs


Your household goods and personal effects should be insured for the new replacement value whereas any antiques and fine arts contained within your consignment must be valued at their current market value.