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Guidance Notes


  • This is NOT an 'All Risks' policy but covers you for losses arising from major perils only  such as fire, flood, theft of entire consignment/shipment, explosion, lightning, collision or overturning of transporting land conveyance, general average sacrifice, jettison, washing overboard of the container, sinking or collision of the ocean-going vessel, ingress of sea or rainwater.
  • Cover includes both Professionally Packed  and Owner Packed Goods. We do not need a valued inventory.
  • You must declare the full value of you entire consignment as a lump sum and list any items valued over £ 2,500. The declared value should reflect the replacement value as new.
  • There is NO excess in the event of a claim.
  • Cover excludes loss or damage arising from accidental damage, breakage, scratching denting, marring, staining, tearing, electrical or mechanical derangement, mould or mildew, missing items or shortage from within the shipment.
  • Cover excludes consequential loss or delay.


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