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Frequently Asked Questions


Our home moving insurance gives you excellent cover that can often exceed the cover provided by your home contents insurance or the insurance provided by the removal company. Read through our frequently asked questions for answers to the common questions we get asked...


What happens if I don't declare an item or collection of items which are individually or collectively valued in excess of GBP 1,500 on the proposal form ?

Insurers can only accept liability up to a maximum of GBP 1,500 in accordance with the Policy conditions unless you specifically declare and value any item or collection of items (eg: white goods) or a generic group of items (eg; clothes, shoes and handbag) valued over £ 1,500 on the online application form.

When declaring an individual item or collection of items where the combined value is in excess of GBP 1,500, Insurers only require a generic heading of the item or items, ie. 2 x flat screen TV's, DVD's/CD's, 4 x beds, clothing & linen, cutlery & crockery, pictures, carpets, tools etc etc.


Can you insure Owner Packed Goods?

Yes but you must provide us with a valued inventory of all owner packed items prior to shipment. This can be provided by forwarding to us a separate email or Word or Excel document listing these items but unless a valued inventory is provided then we are unable to provide cover for Owner Packed Goods.


In the event of a claim what happens?

Our success and reputation is based on two key principles. These being competitively priced premiums and that all claims are managed fairly and expediently. We take great pride in how we manage your claim as it reflects on our growing reputation and, at all times, we will endeavour to ensure there is no undue delay in the processing of your claim. Please note, as with most insurance policies, there is a small excess of £ 150.00.


Declaring the Correct Sum Insured

Please, please, please insure all your goods for their replacement value at destination. We had a customer whose container (on a shipment to Australia) was lost and they claimed for close to £ 30,000 but they only declared and paid premium on a sum insured of £ 10,000. Not a great start to their new life 'Down Under'.


How are you able to provide such competitive quotes?

We are totally transparent and the rates are those set by Insurers. Unlike the removals industry, who use the insurance as a revenue stream we do not artificially up-lift the rates. We simply add a flat administrative fee of GBP 30.00 which assists in covering our service costs. This is clearly shown in our Statement of Price. 


Does cover include Electrical and Mechanical Derangement?

Yes, this is included at no extra charge.


Do I have to use a Removal Company?

Yes, Insurers have based their rates on the fact your goods are being professionally packed and transported by a competent removal company who belong to one of the recognised removal associations. These being BAR, OMNI, FIDI or IAM.


What happens if I want to change the value of the sum insured?

You will simply pay the additional premium due or, if the sum insured is reduced, you will receive a premium rebate.


What happens if I cancel my insurance prior to the move?

We will rebate the full insurance premium excluding the administrative fee.


What is 'Average' or 'Under-Insurance' ?

It is a condition of the Policy that you insure all your goods being shipped for their true replacement value as under-insurance could affect the amount of money you receive in the event of a claim.  Whilst you may save money in reduced premiums if you do not declare the full replacement value but it is a false economy. For instance, your goods are actually worth £ 20,000 but you only insure for £ 15,000. You then make a claim for £ 5,000 but as you were only insured for 75% of the true value of all your goods then insurers can only pay you 75% of the amount being claimed.

This is called 'average' or 'under-insurance'.