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Are you planning your overseas move to New Zealand ?

We are experiencing a significant increase in the number of enquiries for insurance on moves to New Zealand. Are you one of them ? If so, and you need a bespoke quote for your move to New Zealand for owner packed goods or professionally packed goods, then we are able to provide you with very competitive terms which could save you £ 1,000 or more. How come ?

Insurance premiums are typically made up of 2 components - catastrophe loss and attritional loss including profit.

Catastrophe loss is usually set at around 0.50% and covers fire, theft, flood and total loss. This is a fixed cost and often the Insurer will lay off some of this risk - called re-insurance - same as a Bookie would with a big bet.

Attritional losses is usually around 1.75% and covers any partial loss or partial damage and includes profit.

Therefore less attritional claims means more profit for the Insurer and on a move valued at £30k, this could be as much as £ 1,000. 

Hence, we offer the option where you can purchase the catastrophe cover knowing, in the event of a major incident, your goods are still fully covered.