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A new concept for insuring your goods

Have you considered insuring for Restricted Conditions rather than for All Risks ?

Whilst you have always been able to insure your goods for All Risk either through the remover or through an independent provider such as ourselves there is now an option to cover your goods for 'Total Loss' or Restricted Conditions to give it its proper name, only at a fraction of the All Risks rate.

Cover would be for fire, flood, vessel sinking, container being washed overboard, theft or non delivery of entire shipment and such like. All the major peris that could occur in an overseas move.

Your removal company will sell you their services stating how their packing crews are vastly experienced, use the latest packing materials and are really 'good guys' and then tell you you need insurance at a rate of 3.00% plus....OUCH ...!!!

For an overseas move outside of mainland Europe the rate through ourselves would be a flat 1.00%.

For example, on an overseas move to Australia with a sum insured of £ 30,000 the remover would charge you close to £1,000. Our premium would be £ 350, thus saving you £ 650 with the knowledge your goods are fully insured in the extremely unlikely event of a major catastrophe.