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Pack smarter to protect your domestic goods when moving

Pack smarter to protect your domestic goods when moving
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Careful packing can save you time, money and stress when moving home

The way your treasured possessions are boxed and packaged is vital when you are moving home. If you are paying to transport your belongings to the other side of the country, or to another country altogether, it is well worth making every effort to ensure they arrive in tip-top condition.

Where to start with packing for a move

If you are moving abroad, decide whether to use sea freight. If so, the shipping containers must be packed by the experts. If you are sending goods by air, make sure it’s not cheaper just to buy new at the other end.

Decide whether to pack your belongings yourself or use the services of packing experts at your removals company. Then start to clear your home of unwanted clothes and belongings – throw away, give away or donate to charity.

If you are packing yourself, collect useful materials like second-hand bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, old curtains and bedding. Beg and borrow from friends and explore non-profit websites like Freecycle. If you decide to use Freecycle you will need to register here .

Provide your removals company with a detailed inventory of everything you have packed yourself. Make a special note of items that are valuable or have sentimental value, noting any imperfections – and maybe take photos too as an additional record.

Now you can start packing!

Ten handy packing tips
  • Start packing items you use less often as soon as your move is confirmed
  • Choose smaller boxes for heavy items and larger ones for light items
  • Make sure all of your boxes have solid bases – have a few rolls of good quality tape handy
  • For glassware and small ornaments, use wine boxes with built-in dividers, or create your own dividers. Wrap each item carefully and add extra padding at the top and bottom of the box
  • Mark all easily-breakable or damaged items as fragile
  • Clothes take up less space if you roll them
  • Keep cables untangled and undamaged by using roll tubes
  • Label everything meticulously, by room and contents
  • Pack a box of essentials – things you will need as soon as you get to your new property
  • Once you have your moving date, let your neighbours know there is likely to be disruption in the street that day
If things don’t go to plan

Unfortunately even though you may have taken every possible opportunity to keep your domestic goods safe, sometimes things go wrong somewhere along the way. So that is why it is also important to take out a good relocation insurance with a reputable company like Insure Your Move.

We will cover you for domestic or international removals with a ‘new for old’ policy and just £150 excess. Removal companies have the experience and it is always best to get your packing done by the professionals, but we do also insure moves for people who opt to do their own packing.

So, whatever you decide, get a removals insurance quote from us. Our cover is based on a lump sum valuation but don’t skimp on your cover; make sure you are insured for what it would cost you to replace goods if they are lost or broken. And remember that this cost might be higher in the place or new country you are moving to. Contact us today for a quote.