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Seven hacks for moving domestic goods

Seven hacks for moving domestic goods
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Easy tips to help make your overseas move go smoothly

Packing up your furniture, books and other possessions is one of the most dauting – and emotional – tasks you’ll do as you prepare for your move overseas. Here are some tips that will make the task simpler.

1.       Get the right level of removals service

The cost of an international move varies depending on distance, logistics and how much stuff you are taking with you. The move for a family of four to rural China is likely to be much more expensive than that for a professional couple moving to the South of France.

When you get quotes for your move, find out about the different service levels available, and pick one that best suits your needs. You may be prepared to do a bit of the work to save money; or you may prefer to pay for a service that does everything.

2.       Don’t take all your goods when you move abroad

Moving is an expensive business, and there is a lot to be said for downsizing before you go. You should not waste money on freighting goods that you are not going to use in your new life, or that are cheaper to buy at your destination than they would be to ship overseas. So have a good clear out before the packers arrive.

3.       Make an inventory for your overseas move

A detailed inventory will be helpful in so many ways: it will be used by your insurer. It will help your goods move swiftly and easily across borders. It will help you when you arrive at your destination and start wondering what items you should buy for your new home. And your inventory will be useful when you come to unpack. Microsoft offers useful inventory templates for Excel.

4.       Clean your goods before you pack

Goods that are sea freighted are going to be in transit for weeks, if not months. To ensure your furniture arrives in tip-top condition make sure everything is clean and dry before you pack. Dirt and grime can attract pests and promote mould growth, which could affect the contents of the entire container.

5.       Get help with packing for a move abroad

Packing for a move is not a task to attempt alone. With a move abroad, it is definitely worth getting the professionals to do it for you: they will pack your goods in a way that will be secure no matter what happens on the journey; and they are experts at complying with the various customs requirements.

You should also consider getting specialist help for items like pianos and goods with a lot of sentimental value.

6.       Mark your boxes

Jotting a few notes on each box about the contents will help when your goods get delivered. You can quickly and easily direct each box to its place in the house. It will also help you to decide which box to unpack first. You should also mark boxes containing fragile items so that the movers and shipping company know to give them special treatment.

7.       Insure your move for peace of mind

Insuring your move will be a condition of service for any reputable removals company. It will also be one less thing for you to worry about. Should the worst happen, you can rest easy knowing you won’t be out of pocket when you start your new life abroad. It pays to shop around for your removals insurance, so get a quote from us today.

Forward planning and careful packing will ensure you get a good start in your new home!