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Moving a piano to a new house

Moving a piano to a new house
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Should I get a specialist piano remover?

Pianos are delicate instruments with thousands of moving parts. They are easily damaged by knocks and bumps, so they need extra care during your house move. You will need at least three people to move a piano.

Any access problems at either end will need to be considered when moving a piano, particularly if you want to move house with a grand piano. Discuss these fully with your removal company when you arrange your move. It may be necessary to hire lifting equipment to overcome some access problems, and you will need to factor this in to your removals costs.

Do not try to move a piano without specialist help

The risk of damage is increased if your keyboard instrument is handled by people who do not have experience in piano removals. So when you get quotes for your move, ask for assurance that your piano will be handled by someone with the relevant expertise. You will need to ensure the staff are experienced in dissembling and packing your piano, as well as in moving it.

Experienced piano movers do not rely on the castors

Many pianos have dress castors – little steel wheels that allow the piano to be moved a small distance for spring cleaning. It may be tempting to try wheeling an upright piano though the house – but these wheels should not be used when moving a piano from room to room. The weight of a piano will damage floors, and you risk tipping the piano if you hit an obstacle. Specialist piano movers will use a dolly to safely move your piano.

How can I move a piano cheaply?

If cost is a consideration in moving your piano you may have to make a difficult decision. Rather than moving your piano, it may make economic sense to sell it and buy a new one, or hire one at your destination. And if rather than moving your acoustic piano you think you’d like to make the change to a keyboard, Brittens Music has a blogpost about that.

How do I store a piano

Pianos thrive on being played and will deteriorate if stored. So if you are moving temporarily either lend your piano to a friend who will play it; or consider selling.

Do I need a specialist remover for my digital piano?

Digital pianos, clavinovas and keyboards are less delicate than traditional mechanical pianos, but they may still need careful handling. Speak with your removal company if you are concerned about packing and moving any keyboard instrument. They should be able to advise on packaging and also reassure you about the handling of your keyboard.

How do I insure my piano while it is being moved?

Your piano should be covered by your removals insurance. You will need to know the value of your piano when you get a quote for moving insurance. Your chosen removal company may have their own liability insurance – but this may not extend to the full value of your goods. It is, therefore, important that you arrange your own insurance. Your removal company may offer you insurance as part of their package, but always get other quotes to ensure best value. You can start by getting a quick quote from us now. One advantage of getting insurance from us is that if you do need to make a claim you can be sure that it will be handled impartially by a company that is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We take pride in how we manage claims, and we try to ensure there is no undue delay.