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How much is an international move?

How much is an international move?
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Costing up an international move will help you budget accurately

We’d love to give you a helpful table showing costs of moving from the UK to various destinations – but it is not that simple. Every move is different; and much depends on the level of service you need, your destination and on how much stuff you’d like to take with you. But one thing we can tell you, if you are leaving the UK, costs will run into thousands of pounds.

Costing up your move can get complicated, and we recommend starting up a spreadsheet. This will allow you to compare quotes quickly and easily. And it will help you to keep track of your finances, too, so that you are ready to pay the moving bills when they come in.

How much does moving my home abroad cost?

Your first step is to work out which of your domestic goods you are going to bring with you and make an inventory list. Remember that you may be better off buying new items at your destination, particularly where electrical and white goods are concerned.

Armed with your inventory, get quotes from at least three moving companies. When you ask for quotes, think about the service levels you require. You can save money by doing the packing yourself, but many people underestimate how hard it is to pack up an entire house. Also, self-packing can make getting insurance more complicated.

Many moving companies will give you a flat fee for the entire service, door-to-door; but others will offer different service levels. The fee might include:

  • professional packers
  • shipping container and shipping costs
  • customs fees and import taxes
  • storage at destination until you are ready to move into your new home.

You may want to tip your packers and movers – the expected amounts will depend on your destination.

Another cost you should bear in mind is that of storing any goods in the UK that you don’t want to bring with you. This post from Store and Insure has some advice on costing up storage.

Remember to insure your move

Your moving company may also offer to insure your move. Moving is a high-risk activity, and there is plenty of scope for accidental damage to your possessions, or even for them to go missing altogether. Should the worst happen, you’ll be glad you don’t have to find the cash to furnish your new home from scratch; and removals insurance will save you a lot of anxiety.

Note that you don’t have to accept your removal company’s relocation insurance offering. You may get a better deal by going with a specialist removals insurer. Get a quick quote from us now.

To get an accurate quote you’ll need to value the goods you are moving, and to produce an inventory. When you provide a value for your goods, remember that the value is not the same as the selling price. The sum you should provide is what you would pay to replace the items in your destination country.

Don’t forget to move yourself and your family!

You also need to factor in the cost of tickets to get you and your family to your destination – and remember to arrange transport to and from the airport at either end. Passports may need renewing; and you might need visas, too, which can be costly and can take a while to arrange.

You may need temporary lodgings at your destination, particularly if you can’t live in your new home until your things arrive -- so add that to your budget.

Ask for help with your international move

Planning an international move is a difficult, stressful process, so get whatever support you need, whether it’s a relocation agent or professional packers. Breaking the move down into small steps is helpful, too. And definitely get started on that spreadsheet!