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Moving to Australia

With at least a dozen removers all vying for your business how do you know which remover to choose ?

In the main, most of the major recognised removers offer a similar level of service for packing and shipping your goods to Oz. In fact, they will all be prepared to negotiate on price to win the move but there doesn't seem to be that flexibility when it comes to the insurance.

Ever wondered why they charge anything upwards of 3.00% plus add-ons when Insure Your Move and other independent insurers can offer the same cover for half the price.

Quote simply, the difference is their retained profit so why line the pockets of the removers when you can save ££'s on insurance by buying insurance from a trusted and independent provider.

Poms in Oz and other similar forums state the same so please just don't take our word for it: check it out and see for yourself.