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Seven Seas Shipping

Why so expensive ?


You do the maths ... !!!

Most movers offer insurance for an overseas move to Australia, New Zealand or Canada at an inflated rate of around 3.00% or more. On a shipment value at £ 50,000 the premium would be anything upwards of £ 1,500 with over half of this going straight into the removers back pocket. Often there is a £ 250 or £ 500 policy excess as well.

We offer insurance to these locations at a rate of 0.70% with no policy excess which equates to a premium of £ 350 for Total Loss Only coverage. Therefore even if you had a broken picture frame, smashed mirror or a crushed lampshade you would still be 'quids in' knowing your goods would still be fully insured in the event of a major catastrophe. 


Independent Advice without the Usual Spin

It is not often you come across a genuine independent article which gives both accurate and factual information without all the usual 'sales rap' but that is what Movehub is all about.- see link below.


Are you planning your overseas move to New Zealand ?

We are experiencing a significant increase in the number of enquiries for insurance on moves to New Zealand. Are you one of them ? If so, and you need a bespoke quote for your move to New Zealand for owner packed goods or professionally packed goods, then we are able to provide you with very competitive terms which could save you £ 1,000 or more. How come ?

Insurance premiums are typically made up of 2 components - catastrophe loss and attritional loss including profit.

Catastrophe loss is usually set at around 0.50% and covers fire, theft, flood and total loss. This is a fixed cost and often the Insurer will lay off some of this risk - called re-insurance - same as a Bookie would with a big bet.

Attritional losses is usually around 1.75% and covers any partial loss or partial damage and includes profit.

Therefore less attritional claims means more profit for the Insurer and on a move valued at £30k, this could be as much as £ 1,000. 

Hence, we offer the option where you can purchase the catastrophe cover knowing, in the event of a major incident, your goods are still fully covered.



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Insurance Premium Tax (IPT)

As from the 1st June, 2017 IPT was increased from 10.00% to 12.00% and is applicable to the gross premium. However, our rates are all inclusive of IPT therefore there are NO hidden extras or taxes to pay when purchasing a Policy through Insure Your


British Association of Removers (BAR)

The BAR members continue to 'hard sell' insurance to customers knowing they are not necessarily offering the best deal or the most competitive price. In fact, on their website they state ' the cover they offer is detailed and comprehensive....if there is a  claim later it will make the process much simpler if the cover has been provided as part of the removal quotation package...''


First Quarter 2017

Insure Your Move see record increase in the number of Policies purchased for international removals for the first quarter of 2017.


Budget 2017

With the budget less than 24 hours away expectation is that the Chancellor will again increase Insurance Premium Tax on premiums.

The tax on removals insurance premiums has steadily increased in the past 3 years and is likely to do so again this year by adding another 10% to you removals bill.

One good reason to use Insure Your Move as our insurance premiums are inclusive of this tax.



Moving to Australia

With at least a dozen removers all vying for your business how do you know which remover to choose ?


Looking for Self Storage Insurance

We are pleased to advise we have joined up with Store and Insure who are able to cover your goods whilst they are being stored in any UK based self storage facility.

If you are seeking storage insurance at premiums that are very competitive then visit their website to obtain a quote. For added peace of mind, they too use the RSA as their Underwriters.


Insurance Premium Tax on the increase again

In the Autumn Statement, Philip Hammond stated Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) would be increased from 10% to 12% with effect from 1st June, 2017. This is the third increase in two years.


Consumer Rights Act 2015

No longer can a removal company 'get away with it' by applying excess removal charges or by damaging or losing your goods and then simply walking away from their responsibility as a bailee for reward.

See and the many examples they cite as to the application of The Consumer Rights Act 2015 where the service provider, in this case the remover, has failed to satisfactory fulfil their side of the contract agreement you entered into.

Whilst we will continue to adjust and settle your claims in accordance with the Policy conditions this Act allows you to simply seek additional recourse against the remover without prejudicing your rights.


Insurance Rates on the Rise

Firstly, a happy and peaceful New Year to you all wherever your travels may take you.

We are pleased to advise we have been able to maintain the same insurance rates for the third year running with our Insurers (the RSA). Unlike some removers and other providers including Letton Percival there is also NO excess in the event of a claim.

We have been made aware some insurers have been increasing their rates by as much as 10% over the last quarter so it is even more important you shop around to ensure you are receiving the most favourable terms available.

We have always suggested you obtain at least two insurance quotes and perhaps, with insurance rates generally rising, it is now more imperative to do so.



Claims Management

Whilst we pride ourselves on our claims' handling ability the 'proof is always in the pudding' and we would like to share one customer's recent experience with us.

'' wife and I would like to thank you both [Insure Your Move and Insurers]....I am deeply annoyed with our shipping company for the unprofessional and negligent way they packed and handled our things. However, we can now get our lost and broken items replaced and for that we are extremely grateful....''

In today's world, we are still amazed how some removers show very little aftercare concern towards their customers once the move has been completed.


Insurance Rates

With some polices you almost need a degree in maths to work out exactly how much your insurance will cost with all the 'add-ons' to ensure you have the right cover. At IYM it is different.


A weak Pound

With a less favourable rate of exchange for the GB Pound it is becoming more and more important to correctly insure your goods for their replacement value at destination.


Mystery Shopping - Comparative Costs

See our blog dated 8th April, 2016

We have been asked to point out the rate quoted by Letton Percival was, in fact, 1.30% plus IPT at 9.50% with a £ 250.00 EXCESS and not 1.35% plus IPT at 9.50%.

Therefore, on a shipment to Australia valued at £ 10,000 the total premium payable would be £ 142.35 though any claim up to the value of the first £ 250 would not be met by their Insurers.


Sales Figures for May

Following the update to the site, the feedback from customers has been very positive. Sales continue to increase month on month as more customers are realising the premium savings available and the fact the movers artificially up-lift the rates.


Mystery Shopping - Comparative Costs

We have undertaken a a little mystery shopping on a fictitious move to Australia with a sum insured of £10,000.

Three removers quoted rates which varied  between 2.75% and 3.25% plus IPT

Letton Percival quoted a rate of 1.35% plus 9.5% IPT which equates to a premium of £ 148 PLUS a £ 250 excess. A total cost, if you had a small claim, of £ 398 !!!! 

IYM cost is £ 205.00 inclusive of all taxes and fees with NO excess. 


Household Removals Insurance for International Shipments

When comparing our terms with those of the remover check out if the rates are inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) or whether this is another 'add on'. With IPT at 9.50% and, being increased to 10% in the Autumn,it is considerable additional charge.

At Insure Your Move Ltd, all our rates quoted are INCLUSIVE of Insurance Premium Tax.